Important notice regarding the current Appendix D form and avoiding dual roles

Dear ISST members,

We are writing to let you know of a change in the wording of “Steps to Become a Certified Individual Member of ISST” on the ISST website.

As it stands, these state:

“The applicant’s personal sandplay therapist and the supervisor on the case cannot be one of the readers.”

The board approved a change to reflect no dual relationships, and the Certification Committee recommends change to this wording:

“The applicant’s personal sandplay therapist, advisor and any supervisor/consultant cannot be one of the readers.”

This aligns with the ISST ethics statement regarding dual roles in section C.2:

“In the view of ISST, the supervisor(s) should be different from the personal process therapist. Further, the candidate’s supervisor(s), personal process therapist, and advisor must not serve as a formal evaluator of the final case study.”

We are also attaching the current Appendix D for your convenience; this also states the intention of avoiding dual roles.

Thank you for your attention to this detail when offering personal process, supervising students and evaluating papers. If you are offering personal process or supervising students, please avoid dual relationships. Please do not agree to be a final case reader if you have done any supervision with a student. If you are advising students, please make them aware that dual roles are not acceptable in their application.

Takuji Natori, ISST Board President
Certification Committee

Download the updated Appendix D

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