C.G.Jung’s Analytical Psychology is the theoretical basis of Sandplay Therapy. The ISST statutes state: “Sandplay is a therapeutic method developed by Dora Kalff and based on the psychological principles of C.G. Jung…”

At the 2011 Board meeting a committee was formed to draw up guidance on the Jungian fundamental topics for teachers and students of ISST.

These were agreed at the Board meeting in 2012.

1. Topics:

  • Structure of the psyche: persona, ego, shadow, anima/animus, Self
  • The nature of the unconscious and the relation between ego and unconscious
  • Archetype, symbol, complex
  • Transference and counter transference
  • Individuation process
  • Psychic energy (the principles of equilibrium and constancy, progression and regression)
  • Extraversion and introversion (and typology)
  • Transcendent function

2. Suggested texts


  • CG Jung, Memories, Dreams and Reflections.
    Especially Chapter 5: confrontation with the unconscious
  • CG Jung, Man and his Symbols
  • Anthony Stevens: A very Short introduction to Jung
  • Verna Kast: The Dynamics of Symbols
  • Verena Kast: Fundamentals of Jungian Psychotherapy


  • Esther Harding: the I and the not – I
  • Jacobi: Complex, Symbol and Archetype
  • Emma Jung: Animus and Anima
  • Edward Whitmont: The Symbolic Quest


(Essential writings of CG Jung for the method of Sandplay Therapy)

  • Memories, Dreams and Reflections.
  • Man and his Symbols
  • The transcendent function. Collected works (CW) 8,
    paragraph 131 to 193
  • The Individuation Process CW 9(i)
  • On Psychic Energy CW 8 paragraph 1-130
  • A Review of the Complex Theory CW 8  paragraph 194 – 219
  • The Tavistock lectures CW 18 paragraph 1 – 415
  • Psychology and Alchemy CW12 esp. page 274:
    meditation and imagination
  • The relation between the ego and the unconscious CW 7,
    paragraph 202 – 37 (The Psychology of Transference CW 16)


These fundamentals were agreed upon and amended in Poland in 2012. In order to support trainees in gaining knowledge in these areas it was proposed and agreed that:

–  All ISST Member Societies and Teaching Members be informed of
   these fundamentals.

–  Jungian Fundamentals be emphasized and highlighted by Teachers
   throughout the training experience.

–  Knowledge of Jungian Fundamentals be evaluated through symbol
   and final case papers.

–  Teaching of Jungian Fundamentals be emphasized in training new
   Teaching Members.


Board Representatives of the ISST Member Societies are asked to inform their Societies about the Jungian Fundamentals document.