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Transformation in Sandplay through Image, Story, and Ceremony

Thursday evening November 8 – noon Sunday November 11
Preconference Workshops & Consultation: Thursday November 8

Crowne Plaza Hotel Albuquerque, New Mexico


The STA Program Committee is pleased to request workshop presentation proposals for the 2018 STA National Conference. We are looking for sandplay case and theoretical material pertaining to clinical issues, such as healing trauma and the integration of masculine and feminine in the personality, sandplay research, further understanding of Jungian and sandplay theory, and presentations concerning multicultural and spiritual awareness in sandplay therapy. Please be aware that all proposals are reviewed and selected by a committee. If you submit a proposal, that does not guarantee a spot for you. Workshop presenters will need to register for the conference at their own expense.


Transformation in Sandplay through Image, Story, and Ceremony


We will offer a keynote address and consultation by Donald Kalsched, Jungian Analyst, and a keynote address by Harriet Friedman and Marion Anderson, Jungian Analysts and Sandplay Therapy Teachers.

Sandplay therapists are privileged to witness healing and transformation in client psyches through the client’s work in the sand. The client’s hands, “mediators between spirit and matter” (Ammann), using sand, water and miniatures, undertake a dialogue between conscious and unconscious in a mysterious and alchemical way. Kalsched writes, “When trauma enters this story, it injures the capacity for feeling-in-the-body upon which the lifeforces depend.” The sandplay process provides an immediate body experience and, over time, Transformation in Sandplay through Image, Story, and Ceremony 2 has the capacity to re-awaken the imaginative and creative forces lying deep in the client’s psyche. In so doing the process tells a profound story. Moreover, it is an affect-focused therapy, with special attention paid to affects in the body (Ogden and Levine) and safety in the moment (Porges). Sandplay therapy as taught by Dora Kalff emphasizes the need for therapists to maintain their own practice of mindfulness in order to offer safety and psychic spaciousness to their clients.

Very often therapists witness and hold rituals with clients—the sprinkling of dry sand over a scene, the prayerful bow of the head at the tray, the lighting of candles. These ceremonial actions strengthen a weakened connection (due to trauma, for instance) of soul to body and to mind, and restore “the soul to embodied life” (Kalsched). In this way, sandplay therapy helps “patients integrate and reclaim their own aliveness from the deadening grip of the “Self-Care-System and its victim/perpetrator narrative.” (Kalsched) In its place, the client writes a new narrative.


Deadline for submission by email is midnight PST, March 18, 2018.
You may also mail in your proposal to STA postmarked March 12, 2018.

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