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What is Sandplay?

Sandplay room of Jill Kaplan, STA
Sandplay room of Bert Meltzer, ISTA
Sandplay room of LSST President Vera Scerbakova
Sandplay room of BISS President Natasha Salter-Ling


Sandplay is a therapeutic method developed by Dora M. Kalff, in Zollikon, Switzerland. It is based on the psychological principles of C.G.Jung. Sandplay is a creative form of therapy using the imagination, "a concentrated extract of the life forces both physical and psychic." (C.G.Jung) It is characterized by the use of sand, water and miniatures in the creation of images within a "free and protected space" of the therapeutic relationship and the sand tray.

A series of Sandplay images portrayed in the sand tray create an ongoing dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious aspects of the client's psyche, which activates a healing process and the development of the personality.

This therapeutic method may be successfully applied to individual work with both adults and children.


Dora Kalff - Sandplay

Directed and produced by Peter Ammann.
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